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Remove wowza watermark from thumbnail

I am using this method (it doesn’t require the transcoder) to get thumbnails from a live stream:

But the images containing a wowza watermark image at the bottom right corner.

How can I remove it? Just in case you wonder, I am using a perpetual license, version 4.6.

Hello @Fernando Macho

You should not have the Wowza watermark image if using a production license so that does seem quite odd.

In order to investigate this further can you please open a support ticket and we’ll take a closer look for you.

When opening the ticket please include a zip or a link to the following files





and also include a reference to this post.


i also get the thumbnails on a perpetual licence
But also is there a way to view the thumbnails over https ? right now i cant find a way to use https fror the thumbnails