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Reseting connection


I have log full of warnings

Resetting connection: wowz://lb:1935/stream_app/_definst_/stream

What does it mean ?


What is your architecture; how does this server connect to the LB - or the other way around? Also check if there are earlier warnings or errors that may explain this; it could e.g. be unstable network or unsupported codecs.


its edge-origin setup.

This are logs from edge server that is configured to connect to origin via wowz protocol. I am getting this warn on every single app every 3-5 minutes. I’ve checked switch connecting edge and origin there are no outages or unstable network.

Clients are connecting over nginx configured as reverse proxy to edge servers.


Is the Edge connected to Origin at all or is it just trying to connect over and over again? Also, I wonder if the packetizing has been set up correctly; assumed that clients connect to Nginx to play HLS or MPEG-DASH.