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REST API(php) return 400 error

Hello there,

Does anyone has experience to solve 400 error.

I used REST API(PHP) to create live stream’s recording, then the following error keep showing up.

  • HTTP 400 error

code : 400

message : The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax

I also tried to create user/publisher, same error returned.

Wrong URL(restURI) could cause this error, but I used “curl” command with same URL(POST method), then it works well(returned success:true).

By the way, it was doing great 2weeks ago, 400 shows just so sudden. I tried version4.6 and 4.5 wowza servers, same error. PHP I got from GitHub(

It would be great if I could hear any from you.



That error looks to be in the REST client that you are using. Since it is working with the curl command, it’s possible that your REST client is not sending the full URL (for example, if you are passing parameters in the URL). Test with a different REST client and please post a screenshot for review.

Hey Ying,

I am also using PHP Library but not able to get any response.

I want to show the videos on my WordPress platform but it is not working anymore. Do you know how to upload the videos via PHP to WOWZA?


Hi Ying,

This was handled in your ticket, but I am posting it here for others’ reference as well. The PHP library provided by Wowza in GitHub is specifically geared only towards Wowza Streaming Engine. It is not applicable for Wowza Streaming Cloud. Both of these services uses different API endpoints and data structures. You can certainly use the PHP library to give you an idea on how to set one up for Streaming Cloud.