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REST API returns wrong value

I’m using the your API.

API is below:

SchedulesApi apiInstance = new SchedulesApi();

String scheduleId = “52dym83z”;

ScheduleState result = apiInstance.showScheduleState(scheduleId);

Current state is ‘Expired’ in web page.

By the way, response value is enabled.

Please check it

I see you had a support ticket for this back in November @Jung Hoon Lee, and our engineer attempted to reach you many times to resolve this in ticket 339025. He never received a response after 48 hours and the ticket was closed. Is it possible you missed the emails from him?

His last comment in the ticket was:

Thank you for contacting Wowza Media Systems Developer support. To further review this issue, do you receive any errors if you use our default schedule located here:

*You’ll need to adjust the startTranscoder and endTranscoder times to start a recording to a time close to your testing time.


If you have already tested with the GitHub sample and still need help, tech support will you need you to submit a new ticket to see why you are getting that state of “expired”. They cannot determine the issue without seeing more through a ticket. Thank you.