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Restream HLS to RTMP (Akamai) - No Audio

Hi ,

i have an issue with the following workflow:

I ingest an Multibitrate HLS using the stream files. Works as expected.

When i go ahead and create stream targets with my akamai entrypoints, one per profile, i get all the video to be played, but i don’t have any sound with it.

Any Idea how to solve it is appreciated.

Attached a Manifest file i use - i itterated through all HLS manifest versions from 3 to 8, with no effect on the audio.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry to hear you’re having issues @Sebastian Manemann. The forums do not offer official technical support and the engineers do no debug in here. But, they can certainly help find the issue with the audio through a support ticket and can quickly run tests to find the problem or let you know if it is an error with the target config. I’ll be sure to follow your ticket to see how it gets resolved. Thanks.

In the meantime, did you try to test the RTMP stream in the suggested Akamai players? ( For HLS ingest and RTMP playback)

Hi Rose,

Thanks for the reply, I opened a ticket in parallel, the ticket no is 331709.

Thanks again.


Are you using the Wowza transcoder? If yes, check your bitrate. Are you doing pass-thru?

Update from support ticket @Sebastian Manemann :

While we do support the ingest of Apple HLS sources, we have only tested the ingest of HLS streams that are created using the Wowza Streaming Engine software. Other HLS streams may not be supported.

The source stream that you’re trying to ingest is also causing issues when I try to play it using the Wowza Player.

We also can’t ingest adaptive bitrate streams. When doing so, the Wowza software will only ingest the first audio track and first video track in the list which means multiple .stream files (referencing different PIDs) are needed for all the streams to be published.