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Retrieve Publisher or Stream from IMediaStream?

I’m trying to implement this Publish server-side live streams with the Wowza Streaming Engine Java API. My goal is when an incoming live stream has a connection issue that causes an unpublish or destroy, then to fill the published stream with a server-side video to fill in the “empty space”. Unfortunately when I try to create a publisher (in “onStreamDestroy”) with the same stream name is says “Stream name already in use: <stream_name>”. My guess was to try to get the existing Publisher from the Stream except I don’t have any Stream objects available, only IMediaStream. Is there a way to get a Publisher from IMediaStream? Or is there an alternative solution to my goal?

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Yes there is and I wrote a blog on it. Wowza has a module just for situations like this. Should you have your stream drop, the connection will remain and it will run a filler mp4 video until your encoder or stream reconnects. This way you don’t drop all your viewer connections and they also aren’t stuck with a black screen.

Hope it helps:

Gotcha. Yes you would need to know the names of the streams to enter them in the SMIL file. Your solution may require a little extra custom work, but I’d submit a support ticket if I were you and see if our engineers know of a solution I don’t.

If it does indeed need some custom work, no worries, we have a Hire a Consultant forum here and we have Pro Services at Wowza as well, but I’d give the free support ticket a try first. Might be a Java trick that could be used to pull auto pull the random stream name.

I saw the page before, but it didn’t read like the stream was being published. I looked at the source code on GitHub and found how the switching is being done, but it says my stream is null

Stream stream = (Stream)appInstance.getProperties().get(streamName);

My implementation uses random GUIDs for stream names, so I cannot use the modules as described in your link. Is the stream being stored in WMSProperties from another step? Looking through the code it doesn’t appear in the GitHub copy.