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Reverse Proxy for HLS Live Stream


I have a question about Reverse Proxy. I’m use Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5 and I have Live Streams and my Stream URL’s like that;

But I need to modify Live Stream URL without Port and ApplicationName like that;

is it possible to do this?

Not sure about getting rid of the application name, but we used PAT (port address translation) and NAT (network address translation) to map our stream site at port 80 to our DMZ Wowza server at port 1935.

Allows us to use standard ports but our main website and stream site come from two different urls - .e.g. and

After that we did the same for SSL - maps to our internal server at port 1936 (our custom SSL port). So may be worth talking to your network guys, or if your Wowza server is exposed externally and NOT in a DMZ, you could just change the port in the application.xml to port 80.

As for your application name, perhaps a hack would just be to rename the application name to STREAMS. Remember Wowza SE (at least the Windows version) appears to be case sensitive to URLs.

I should add that if you have IIS or another webserver running on 80 then there is really no way round this apart from 2 external DNSs and 2 external IP addresses.

Thank you for your answer.