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RMTP + Flash / HLS

I have a prototype of a website that I am looking to develop into an MVP.


  • RMTP live-streaming with a Flash-based web-cam capture.

  • It is backed by an open-source NGINX+RMTP module, with HLS encoding (ffmpeg), on Linux

  • On the client-side I have Flowplayer for displaying streams.

    I am looking for a consultant to evaluate and if needed:

  • a more professional server (Wowza), with CDN support, recording and storage

  • build and configure the Flash components for broadcasting cams, splash-screen, (Control buttons for broadcasting) recording, pause, TBD.

  • The client player (if not using Flowplayer), than something else

    Time frame is roughly 2-3 months depending on complexity negotiated, components you will be working on.


Hi Jordan,

it is definitely possible to cope with this task, I worked with all mentioned software lots of times

please contact me to discuss details:

or skype: rshmelev

Hello Jordon,

if you are still looking for consultant, I’ll help .

I use my own custom player for client side and have lots of management panel for wowza 2.2 to wowza 4.1 , record stream, stream scheduling , transcode and transrate uploaded video , transrate live stream etc.

Kind Regards,

Emre Karatasoglu