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RSTP/sdp vs Mpeg-TS?

I’m still not understanding what these two are. I didn’t want to go too off-topic of my other thread about RTSP streaming on mobile devices.

I tried following:

Using an MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) encoder with Wowza Pro (MPEG-TS))

and I’m not understanding why with regular RTSP, they say you have to “copy the .sdp file onto the wowza server”. Why is this, and do you have to copy the sdp file EVERY time you stream or just the first time for that setup?

Also, what is Mpeg-TS, and does it use RTSP? These are basic questions I know, just can’t seem to find an answer to them around here

I think you are mixing the output protocol and the input protocol. The two are very different. For streaming to many mobile devices such as Android you use the RTSP/RTP protocol. The mobile device will pull the stream from the Wowza server using the RTSP/RTP protocol. The incoming stream that is coming from the encoder is independent of the outgoing stream. We can accept an incoming stream from an MPEG-TS based encoder and send it out to mobile devices over RTSP/RTP or to Flash using RTMP or to iOS devices using Apple HLS.

The tutorials you are referencing are talking about incoming live streams. So they are focused on the transport used between the live encoder and the Wowza server. You will see with each of these tutorials there are instructions on how to play the resulant stream on each of the playback devices.

For native RTP using an SDP file, the SDP file only needs to be copied to the server if the encoding parameters or transports parameters change. As long as none of this information has changed then you can re-use the SDP file between encoding sessions. If you look at the contents of the SDP file yoiu will see that it describes the ports and transport that is going to be used to send the stream. It also describes the audio and video parameters related to the encoding processes that need to be send on to the playback devices.

I hope this helps.


That is correct. It does not matter what protocol in. You can go out to any other. RTSP/RTp out is tricky. Be sure to upgrade to lastest version. Be sure to follow suggestions here:


Upgrade to lastest version, follow tutorials, be sure to follow all suggestions in troubleshooting guide. UDP routing is tricky to get right.


I see.

The incoming stream that is coming from the encoder is independent of the outgoing stream.

So based on this, could I stream from FMLE, an RTMP stream into Wowza, then from Wowza to the world, play it as RTSP, for example? Or is that beyond what you’re saying.

It’s just all confusing, because we had RTMP live streaming working great, and playing with Flash players. But now that we want to support lots of mobile devices, they say to use RTSP, and it seems we’re having to try different encoders and re-learn everything.

That is a huge relief Charlie! I didn’t know we could continue streaming how we’ve been (RTMP->Wowza), and then output anything.

Is there anything really specific we have to change on Wowza, so it knows we’re doing RTMP in, and want RTSP/RTP out? I ask, because I streamed RTMP in recently, and tried playing using VLC and with the RTSP protocol, and it would not work no matter what I did.

We’re running 2.2.2 fyi.