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RTMP broadcast to YouTube target is grey


I am trying to broadcast a specific mp4 video to YouTube. Here is the outcome of the broadcast:

You can see from the broadcast the audio is working fine but the video is grey. I looked at the stream from my HLS player and it is just fine. It seems it is only an issue when I target to a YouTube ingestion endpoint. I tried changing the settings for both 60fps and 30fps at YouTube, but nothing worked.

One thing I did notice is this mp4 meta data indicates a bitrate of around ~6kBits of data. I have successfully streamed with bitrates around 2kBits just fine. I am so far seeing the issue with this specific video to YouTube.

Is there a way to debug this in the Wowza stream engine? How do I figure out why YouTube is receiving it as “grey”. Is there something at YouTube that is purposefully making it “grey”?

Many thanks!