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Rtmp live stream black screen

While streaming from mobile using rtmp, it load black screen for first 30 seconds and also very slow… Please advise how to reduce this delay and also black screen using live stream properties and also any other ideas is welcom. TIA

You will need to check to see your network quality, the playback buffer used as well as the key frame interval of the stream.

you should first try to isolate if it’s the playback side causing the issue or the source. Try using VLC or something to play the stream and see if you have same delay and back screen or not.

On playback side, try to use different networks (lte or WiFi) on mobile to determine if it’s the network quality affecting the playback or not.

Depending on whether issue is on playback side or source stream there would be different things to try.

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Thanks @Connessione for the helpful advice!

I am assuming you are broadcasting with an RTMP encoder @bhuvanesh_jay and not playing back with RTMP as RTMP playback is all but dead these days.

I would also advise you check the chunk size if you’re using HLS as the playback, because the default is 30 seconds and a player requires three full chunks before playback will even begin!

You can change the default from 10 seconds (10,000) a lower number like 1 or 2 seconds.

That will lower your playback latency significantly. Give that a try and see if that helps you.

This is the article that you would need to make these changes:

Thank you @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com. I have changed the properties to half second chunks as per in the page that you shared. Still the issue exists. Starting 20 to 30 seconds delay will make big impact on upcoming seconds. Live action is delayed after 20 to 30 seconds. Please do needful.

Ok well thank you for trying that first.

Can you please send in a support ticket so we can accurately test and quickly troubleshoot the issue? We can only guess in the forums ,but in a ticket, tech support engineers have tools to find where the delay is.