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RTMP Source time formats


Could you please help me in getting how metadata will be associated each RTMP frame?

Please help me with examples of RTMP source time format and timecode format associated with individual frames?



It sounds like you are looking to inject timecode metadata into your rtmp stream, and then subsequently read this metadata @Parvathi Krishna?

Are you basing your injectMetaData call on the following code example that we have?

If so, comment out adding the setDataFrame AMFDataItem.

amfList.add(new AMFDataItem("@setDataFrame"));

This usually specifies that the metadata is only added to the start of the stream. Since you are looking to add the timestamp throughout the stream, commenting out the above should allow you to add the AMFDataItem.

We do not recommend adding it to each frame though. Maybe every X seconds, but not each frame. One way to do this is to add a listener for the publish event. You can then have a Timer task thread that periodically calls injectMetaData every x seconds, where your injectMetaData is inserting the AMF data packet.

Here’s more information on using event listeners:

Hope that helps! Send us a support ticket if you’d like the engineers to set this up with you.