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RTMPS and OBS are not connected

Hi, everyone!

First, I’m a beginner at Wowza.

My project has an HTTPS environment using SSL certificates.

I applied the SSL certificate to my Wowza server because I had to communicate with HTTPS for streaming.

The certificate is an external certificate, not StreamLock.

The certificate was registered normally and started.

RTMPS should be used because the project environment is HTTPS environment.

However, if you try to stream using OBS, errors continue to occur.

16:16:08.508: RTMP_Connect1, Cert verify failed: 4 (The certificate Common Name (CN) does not match with the expected CN)
16:16:08.508: [rtmp stream: ‘simple_stream’] Connection to rtmps://[myProjectIP]:1935/live/ failed: -2
16:16:08.663: ==== Streaming Stop ================================================

[myProjectIP] was covered for security reasons.

What should I do?

Welcome to the community @Ji_Hoon, While it is possible to use your own SSL certificate, the keystore path has got to be correctly configured to use HTTPS. The only way for us to diagnose this is in a support ticket where tech support has full access to your files and logs.

Were you able to test that your SSL cert was working correctly with Wowza? It appears your host name is incorrect which is why you are getting this error:
The certificate Common Name (CN) does not match with the expected CN)

Fore more explanation on common name:

If you send a support ticket, we can help much more quickly than in forums. Tech support can’t troubleshoot without a ticket, thanks!