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RTMPS or RTMP for Chrome to play HLS

Is the following correct for wirecast credentials

Username= StreamLock.jks

Password= StreamLock (password)

  1. please advise


Wirecast goes GREEN “broadcasting” but after remote wowza server reports it connected nothing happens, when you go to turn off GREEN broadcast wireecast is frozen spinning ball… tested this over and over

  1. please advise

Also, we are trying to get the HLS, https : // playlist.m3u8 playing on Windows Chrome

Does wirecast NEED to be an RTMPS going into wowza for a correct HLS stream coming out of Wowza or is this just for secure communications between wirecast machine and wowza machine and an RTMP into Wowza will still be read from an https request by Chrome?

  1. Please advise


It’s been a while since someone answered that but I am sure you would have been able to figure out the issue by now. However, if it helps :

Streamlock certificates cannot be used as credentials to connect the source to the Wowza Streaming Engine.

For Wirecast credentials, the correct settings typically depend on how you’ve configured your Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE). This is typically set at “Source Authentication”. Please, find below article which contains the steps for you to follow:

Regarding HLS streaming in Chrome, it’s not necessary for Wirecast to use RTMPS to send the stream to Wowza for it to be played back over HTTPS. RTMP or RTMPS can be used for the stream input, and Wowza can deliver the HLS stream over HTTPS. The key is that Wowza needs to be configured to deliver HLS over HTTPS, which typically involves setting up SSL certificates and configuring Wowza to use HTTPS.

Wishing you all the best!

Regards, Umair