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RTP Mediacaster loses RTSP connection and players cannot connect to the stream

Seeing an extremely bizarre problem over here with long running streams over time. Initially, all is well. We use mediacasters to establish the RTSP connection and pull a multicast stream RTP stream that’s H264 encoded. After some period of time, I won’t receive video when connecting as an rtmp client or it will take minutes to get any video to display. If I’m connected to an affected stream, there’s severe degradation and a packet capture reveals I’m only receiving a trickle of P frames. At the same time, performing a packet capture on the machine running Wowza will indicate a healthy flow of RTP video data including IDR frames spread across fragmentation units. I’ve noticed when this occurs, the RTSP session for the stream is nowhere to be found. I see no RTSP packets with a capture and using a tool like netstat reveals there isn’t an established RTSP connection. I expect OPTIONS requests every 15-60 seconds depending on the keepalive value returned by the camera. Inspecting via the JMX interface shows the mediacaster for the stream is active. If I bounce the mediacaster, all is well for hours or longer. Seems to affect a large majority of the streams on this server.

Wowza version 4.8.19+4


There could be multiple reasons for the issue you are observing with your RTSP connection. We would need to take a closer look at your configuration and log files to troubleshoot the issue.
Kindly submit a support ticket and we’ll take a look at it to find the issue. Kindly provide the configuration and log directories to help troubleshoot the issue.

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Drumil Desai
Technical Support Engineer
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