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RTSP published stream name or ID?

I’ve built a custom module to redirect requests for an inactive live stream to a “standby” stream, which is essentially a server-side Stream instance playing a local file indefinitely. The standby stream will continue to play/loop until the “real” live stream comes online (i.e. starts publishing).

So far, it works well with RTMP publishing tools (I’ve tested Wirecast against it), but one of my clients is using Cisco TCS and TelePresence Server which publishes to external Wowza servers using RTSP, not RTMP. However, I can’t seem to detect the name of this published stream from the TCS, and even though an RTMP request to play the stream as named in the TelePresence config works, I can’t seem to find a match for the stream name in server-side Wowza code. When I look at the ApplicationInstance.getPublishStreamNames(), I see an empty item as the first element of the array (e.g. [, …]). How do I get the name or unique ID of an RTSP stream (or RTSP stream masquerading as an RTMP stream)?

Many thanks in advance…


I figured this out—I didn’t realize that a resolvePlayAlias for RTP sessions was in the template for my module, and it’s working now as expected.

Ajibola, can you be more specific with what you need? I can give you pointers with your source code if something’s not working. If you’re passing authentication credentials along with play requests, you can use resolvePlayAlias() to redirect different content to different users, whether it’s a VOD-as-LIVE playlist or just straight up VOD content. I am available for contract work as well.

Hi videodoctor, sorry to hijack this thread, but could you help with implementing server side playlists for multiple users, of at least 100 diff playlists. Any pointers would be appreciated.