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I am trying to get around firewalls and have camera push rtsp streams to the wowza server, instead of having wowza pull the streams. I’ve read wowza supports this but I have yet found an IP Camera that does. I have a few Axis cameras, but they only push motion jpeg via HTTP or FTP. Any TCP announcement result in notifications only.

My best guess with that is maybe use VLC to convert those images into an rtsp stream but then how would I push those? Would I have to rely on buying wirecast too? At this point I am stuck so any help would be appropriated.

I realise this is beyond Wowza, so sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

It won’t work with IP cameras. Some encoders, e.g. Wirecast can do RTSP push (aka SDP Announce), but these cameras are not designed for it as far as I know. I don’t think VLC can either. The way we use VLC it has to be pulled.


Look for a publish event when you start. If you see that, you should be able to subscribe to that stream anytime after that


No, I never suggested it. I suggest Axis cameras with built-in h.264 support because I have direct experience with the m-1011-w and they work easily with Wowza, but there tons of IP cameras that work with Wowza, and they all require pull.


There is a module made by me and friends (but not for Axis cameras directly) which resids in camera itself and forward internal RTSP to Wowza as Publish. So it does as You say. Works great :slight_smile:

Sercomm has cameras which allow you to push.

I am trying this same concept but I am stuck at the part where Wowza actually consumes the push.

Any suggestions?

thanks for the info rrlanham

“Speed666” do you sell this module ?

supports h.264 ?

which camera model do you use ?

We use the Sercomm OC810 and its CMS property.

I am still looking into a way to solve this push issue, so if Speed666 were to post the module we would all be very grateful. :slight_smile:


Hi webreake,

This article mentions several Axis cameras “(which natively support H.264): M1011(-W), M1031-W, P3301(-V), Q1755, Q6032”: Re-streaming an RTSP stream through Wowza Pro (RTSP/RTP)

It’s not push, but at least you don’t need to use VLC to transcode.

I believe the Haivision Barracuda hardware encoder can push an RTSP mpegts stream to Wowza. So, if you hooked an analog camera to one of those, it would do what you want.

im trying to do the same thing,

the bad thing of wowza pulling the stream is that if the “ip camera” is in a remote network wowza has to know the ip but if it has a dynamic ip we need to use some dns service and second problem is that wowza has to be constantly asking to see if the “ip camera” is available and working, that would be a problem if there are too much ip cameras to ask for.

instead the good solution would be allow the client (ip camera, vlc etc…) to connect to wowza and push the stream

my ideal installation would be the ip camera connect directly to wowza without the need of a pc ,

and configure the ip camera to connect when it is turned on.

Please can someone suggest and “ip camera” that pushes the stream to wowza ??

hi thanks for the replies

as i understand using Haivision Barracuda would implies physical connection of the cam to the device so wireless ip cams will be discarded and this solution could be simulated using video4linux and ffmpeg (it works i have already tested this).

found that ffmpeg can restream sdp and transcode but again that would force me to use a computer between the cam and the server

in the worst case i would use a computer to do the transcoding from any source to rtmp (push) but still wishing to find an out of the box camera solution beacause that way maintenance would be a lot simpler.

could not find information about “SDP announce” or “stream push” in sercomm cameras ,

is this product the one that you suggest ?

thanks for the info rrlanham

“Speed666” do you sell this module ?

supports h.264 ?

wich camera model do you use ?

Hi all, did anyone find a solution to allow Axis cameras to push ingest RTSP to an external server, to get around the firewall restrictions of the source camera network? We found a Camstreamer app ( that sits on Axis cameras & can push video in various protocols (eg RTMP, HLS, WebRTC, SRT) to a server - but not in RTSP. We tried RTMP, but RTMP doesn’t have absolute wall clock time.

We need absolute timestamp, hence the preference for RTSP. Alternately, does anyone know if:

  • if any of HLS, WebRTC or SRT gives absolute timestamp?
  • if we have another server sit in the middle running ffmpeg pulling from the Axis camera & pushing to our server on RTSP, that also inserts it own timestamp, replacing the original camera timestamp. Anyway to override that in ffmpeg to preserve the original RTSP timestamp?