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RTSP stream cannot play

Why is only this RTSP stream having issues? I tested other RTSP streams and they can display properly in VLC, but only this is not working. How can I resolve this?

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for contacting us via our forms.

To troubleshoot your issue with this stream, I recommend that you create a support ticket.

When creating a ticket, please provide a ZIP file containing the following directories:
[Wowza-Install]/logs/ (only the latest log files showing the issue are required)
[Wowza-Install]/transcoder/ (if being used)

Please make sure you also provide logs that show Wowza Streaming Engine starting.

If you are not sure how to get this information please see this tutorial.

As you’re using a .stream file to start re-streaming please also provide this - [Wowza-Install]/content/*.stream

Jason Hilton
Senior Technical Support Engineer
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