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S3Upload to directory


I’ve configured the module to upload the streamings to my s3bucket, but they appear in the root folder.

Is there any posibility to choose the folder where they appear?

Kind Regards.

Hello @José Mestre

You cannot specify a path/subfolder using that same property as the S3Uplaod module will attempt to upload the video file into an S3 bucket named “myS3bucket/subfolder”.

S3 buckets do not have a directory tree system, you will need to use forward slashes in the file names to order the files; so if you save the file to bucketName/path/to/, it should (theoretically) save it to this “folder”.

Amazon S3 has a flat structure with no hierarchy like you would see in a typical file system. However, for the sake of organizational simplicity, the Amazon S3 console supports the folder concept as a means of grouping objects. Amazon S3 does this by using key name prefixes for objects.

Here’s a link to the sample code, in-case you need to make edits for your workflow needs: