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Sample Java class for creating a command line interface to control Wowza Media Server

I tried to reset a stream, but it returns error:

ApplicationInstance.resetMediaCasterStream[live/definst]: Stream not found:

the url of this stream is:


Be sure you are running Wowza version 2.1.2. The latest patch is here:


This is a different problem then what you initially described. What encoder are you using. What are all the settings. Be sure the key frame interval it set to a multiple of 10 seconds. A value such as 2, 2.5 or 5 seconds.


I guess play around with different encoders and encoder settings to see if you can narrow down the problem.


Not really. I am just suggesting you try encoders such as Flash Media Live Encoder (read EULA) or Telestream Wirecast. Be sure you are setting the endoder to use H.264 Baseline level 3 encodes with a small frame size (320x240) and low bitrate (250Kbps or lower). Get that working first.


It should be the latest build:

Wowza Media Server 2 Subscription 2.1.2 build24878

Maximum connections: Unlimited

Java Version: 1.6.0_21

Besides, I play the stream in iPhone, it stopped suddenly, sometimes couple minutes and the longest duration is 50 minutes, it can play when re-connect.

The interval was set to 1 sec.

thanks the suggestion, Charlie. As I’m new to video stuff, I’ve no idea in troubleshooting. Is there any parameter I can see that the stream has problem?