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Save Bandwidth

Hi, I have a doubt with Live Http Origin or HTTP Caching Origin. I can save bandwidth?


You are off-loading to the CDN, so you are saving throughput directly from the Wowza server but your clients will consume the same amount of bandwidth.


Thank for you answer. and there any option for save bandwidth?

but Roger , the cdn will consume the same bandwidth that if the users connect direct to wowza.

Yes, but the consume of bandwidth is the same… I will need pay for the bandwidth in the CDN.

If connect 1000 users to CDN the spent for bandwidth is the same if connect 1000 direct to Wowza.

I need save banwidth = Money


When running in HTTP Origin Mode, and having the clients connect via a CDN, the only connections you should see on your Wowza server will be from the CDN servers. So yes, you will save bandwidth on the Wowza server in this mode.


For one player connecting to the CDN and the CDN server connecting to your Wowza server, you are correct.

When you have hundreds of players connecting to the CDN and all requesting the same stream, you will still only have one connection from the CDN server to your Wowza server. If the CDN is using multiple servers in different regions then you may see each one connecting your your Wowza server separately.



You weren’t clear about where you are wanting to save bandwidth. We assumed that you wanted to save bandwidth at the Wowza server by offloading to a CDN.

You could possibly offer lower bitrate renditions of your streams by using Wowza transcoder for live streams or multiple files for VOD.