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Scale Load balancing HLS. VOD Edge setup - ROKU

Operating System in use: All servers running Windows 2012 Standard R2. Java 8 with update 11.

Specifying what you are using will help any consultant understand your environment:

We need to scale to multiple regions. We currently have origin, edge-origin, and edge servers in our live setup. Live setup currently on 3.6.4, need it working using 4.0.5. We currently have a single server in each region for VOD, need to setup using VOD Edge on 4.0.5.

In addition to the Wowza specific work, provide any additional information pertaining to integration to other services that are part of your workflow: Most have experience with Roku platform. Currently experiencing “Loading, please wait” issues on Roku.

Timescales/Delivery date: Work to start immediately. This is a reconfiguration setup. Consultant recommendations to test and apply to existing infrastructure setup.

I’d be happy to help. Please contact me at and we can get the ball rolling.

Ian Beyer