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Scaling / encoding

I would like to know how communtity does to scale wse ? I mean on my side I transcode in 4 lower resolution so that eats cpu/gpu so in the end I can manage only few incoming streams (less than 20).
Maybe in doing transcoding on oher servers (nginx-rtmp) but how to ?
Also I think it misses some documentation with examples (ie scaling with nginx, big ip…).
My goal is to be able to scale incoming streams (with still transcoding)

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I read your post about scaling Wowza Streaming Engine, especially while managing transcoding into lower resolutions. I’m facing a similar challenge and am curious about your progress. Were you able to successfully scale your incoming streams with transcoding? If so, I’d be very interested to know how you achieved it, especially if you used solutions like nginx-rtmp or others.

Any insights or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

well I’m still trying to find a better solution.
I was thinking about use Stream Target on WSE (and remove transcoding) and use VMs with ffmpeg to transcode.
With that, I can switch on/off VMs when needed with one or 2 apps on it. So I can have few VMs if needed.
Maybe there is a better solution… or if you want to use cloud to transcode but that’s not my case