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SceneKit performance while broadcasting


I am running the WowzaGoCoder.SceneKitReel sample provided in gocoder-sdk-ios-build-0581-v1.0.3. I notice that there is a huge performance drop the moment I start broadcasting. Before broadcast the plane is spinning around smoothly (probably above 30fps), the moment it is broadcasting the animation is very jerky (probably below 10fps). Is there any documentation on how to improve SceneKit rendering performance while broadcasting?



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If you cannot find what you need HERE, I would suggest opening a ticket HERE.



Unfortunately the SceneKit framework and the GoCoder SDK encoder are both utilizing the GPU resources on the device at the same time and are highly dependent on the power of the device to keep up a high frame rate. This particular sample will perform best on newer devices with faster GPU and processors. To get the most out of a particular device you can try lowering the broadcast frame size and/or the broadcast frame rate.