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Schedule Pre Recorded video

Good Day.

I would like to ask about he ability to upload a video to my account then specify the playing date and time to be streamed.
Then get its id or embedded code to add it to my web page.
The main idea is that, I am building a web site for student that will attend the course remotely, so at cretin time the class will start, so the student will start altogether watching the lesson [like a tv].
When the lesson finish, the students can not replay it. They also can not forwarded it.
Note that I may have hundreds of videos each will be played in its time [Maybe some videos will play simultaneously for different courses].

Do you have the ability to show me a demo, or a video tutorial please?

My Email is


Hi @Mohammed Ammar Kurabi,

A good start may be the Stream Publisher module (add-on), that is available for free from Wowza’s GitHub page. See

If you want to go beyond that, then you can contact a Wowza Authorized consultant who can help you with your requirements.

Were you able to figure this out? I am looking to do the same thing but cant seem to find any documentation on how to this is done.