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schedule streaming more than one application

Hello in first order i would like apologize for my english.

I need help with modules configuration “ServerListenerStreamPublishe” and “LoopUntilLive”.

now is working correctly only on one application. But i need add in others.

I got stuck with “ServerListenerStreamPublishe”.

so i read again

and i can’t add second ( Property already exists. ) value “Server Properties” -> “Root/Server - streamPublisherApplication” for another application

I need two (more) application (live stream) with LoopUntilLive.

Can I do? if yes, please tell me how or something else what can help me.

Thanks for anyone


You can add the scheduler to more than one application. You will need to add the application properties to each application you plan on using the scheduler with and the application level properties override the server level properties. You’ll want to make sure to use unique playlist.smil names for each application.

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Old thread, still a question to me: “streamPublisherApplication” is a server level property.

How do you add two? You don’t need to add? Do I add this to the application level?

I’m too curious about this question because we need to have a similar configuration.
We have multiple live applications and want to show a looping pre roll, while no live stream is available. But unfortunately I only can add “streamPublisherApplication” only once at the server level properties and assign only one application.
So how do I configure wowza to have multiple “streamPublisherApplication”?
I watched which helped me a lot getting this one application running.

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards