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Scheduled Playlist (TV Channel) style FEASIBILITY QUESTIONS

Currently we stream live capture 24/7 on a completely different platform. We are considering converting to file-based streaming using AWS EC2/S3, essentially replicating our TV schedule but with minor changes to avoid some licensing issues etc. I just want to talk this through with somebody experienced, to determine whether or not its feasible and what kind of work would be involved on the Wowza side. No hands-on configuration work is required at this point although that may be the next step. Its a pure consultancy conversation which can take place via Skype, phone, email or whatever.

Can you help?!

Payment 1hr = US $150


I would be able to answer your questions over email.

If interested please contact me via email listed on my company’s website.


Michal Jirku

Wejn s.r.o.