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Screen Sharing and broadcasting

I am at the very beginning of integrating Wowza into our platform. We were planning on using Wowza to broadcast presentations, some of the presenters will want to use powerpoint presentations. Am I able to screen share my desktop to the audience.

Yes, you can use WebRTC to stream your desktop.
Your are looking for “mediaDevices”.
i.e. call navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(constraints) in chrome, firefox or edge and the browser will ask what specific window syou want to stream.
Then you can create a PeerConnection to your wowza server with the value returned from getUserMedia

Thank you @Andreas_Specker for sharing that info!

Just wanted to add that Wowza now supports Screenshare for WebRTC in our publish test page.

  1. To share your screen, click the arrow next to the video camera icon, select Screen Share , and then select which content to share. To toggle back to video, click Stop sharing or select a different option under Input Camera .

Instructions are here in this doc and there is an embedded video tutorial as well showing how to screenshare and configure composite layout.

Thank You Andreas_Specker, do you provide consulting services. This is not our expertise and would like to be able to access a person who is knowledgeable with video streaming. Thank you…Rory

Thanks Andreas: We are producing a couple of conferences, we are integrating a webrtc application. Our challenge was allow a seamless deployment of technologies. We do not want our presenters to download any files, grab urls etc etc. In speaking with Bandwidth they had provided us a file that was to be given to the company that would transcode our webrtc feed to a feed that can be distributed to our audience. The only type of engagement would be text chat. We have developed this solution. My question is can we point the webrtc feed to Wowza and can Wowza then forward the feed to a webpage that can be viewed. The reason why we want to continue to use Bandwidth is the presenters may want to share their screen and present other docs.

Yes, so your workflow should consist of two steps:

  1. First, publish your stream to your wowza server. (example “publish”, links at the end of the message). This is done from the client who want so share his screen.
    On the server you can trancode your stream and do some other stuff, but that’s maybe not nececarry.
  2. Then you can tell the receiving clients to play the the stream.

This way every client gets one connection (bandwidth friendly) and your wowza server many. If you have a lot of clients you have to take additional steps, see “Stream Targets” and “CDNs” for more information.

When he published his stream, you can grab the stream from your server