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scrolling text and logo in the video

Hi, what best way to adding to the video scrolling text and logo (on server side)?

Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

You can do this with the Wowza Transcoder. Please take a look at this guide:

How to add graphic overlays to live streams with Wowza Transcoder



Just pointing out that the guide I pointed to also handles (animated) text as well:

This article describes the steps of creating a custom Transcoder module, adding a static image to the video, adding text to the video, fading the image and text, and animating the image and text.

If you are looking for closed captioning, please look at these guides:

Closed Captioning



Thank you, about logo I understand. But my task is greater. I need scroll text (like subtitles).

Thank you, Salvadore.

I search a solution to insert into Live Stream a DYNAMIC text, like a bet on the horserace