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Seeking Advice 24 hour channel

Hello! I’m a long time internet broadcaster fairly new to Wowza seeking some advice.

I’m looking to create a 24/7 broadcast network with a mix of pre-recorded/scheduled content and live broadcasts. I stream live using Wirecast and I am looking to serve a Youtube channel in addition to custom Roku, Apple TV & Amazon Fire apps.

I’d appreciate advice on which Wowza products & services would be best for me to pull this off. I’m particularly concerned with finding a robust and fairly easy to use scheduling system, thanks!

Ideally, there are a few different ways to do this:

  1. Use wowza playlists (cant seem to be able to post links)

  2. Use a ready-to-use product like media CP

The scheduling system is built-in into playlists. if you are looking for something more then you can use a custom scheduler to play with the REST API.

. and what is the point of answering the question after several years?

Anything can be useful to anyone at any time. Not necessarily the person asking the question.

Fair question @Dorota_Szafer-Kwasik and I may soon be deleting some of these posts past a certain year. But believe it or not, even the old posts still get thousands of views a month if the question is still relevant.

All questions (problems) are important. Of course. But I think the ones asked today have more weight. The correct thing to do should be to search the forum and when there is none - throw in the problem.
There used to be a lot of questions and a lot of answers , that’s a fact.
Now it seems as if they know everything … and this is not true. I understand that they find answers to their problems just in the old “fragments” of the forum.

Yes good point! That’s how it should work. Oddly enough although I can see new questions are down for sure the last year, we have record high number of forums traffic and I can see as admin the posts and streaming tips articles they are viewing each week.

We also added a FAQ page for Engine and Cloud (now Wowza Video) and that gets thousands of views. My hope is that because traffic is still so high but new questions are down, people are finding the solution to their problem without having to ask. That’s my hope!

Having said that, feel free to post in the Streaming Tips section of community if you feel there’s some tips our users would benefit from for any streaming topic.
This community is meant to be more than just Q&A, but general discussion as well. Thanks!