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Selecting ingest source for on demand streaming

I need to setup Wowza for edge servers which should connect to 3rd party servers which doesn’t
support RTMP. Those servers can provide RTSP (maybe HLS/SRT as well). But setting up input source
RTSP seems needing constant connection and doesn’t go to idle although there is no client request.
As the bandwidth between Wowza and 3rd party server is limited connection and streaming should
only be made when there is any request for a specific media(via HLS).
If so what ingest method can be used instread?
And if RTSP can also be used to do that what setting should be needed?

Thanks in advance.

It seems this is a matter of setting of “Primary Origin URL” in a live edge application.
And the url for “Primary Origin URL” must be one of RTMP(s) or WOWZ(s)…
Is there any plan to support SRT as well?