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Send SRT Stream to Wowza and Transcode to HLS with ID3 metadata

I am looking to possibly stream to WSE via SRT and then transcode to HLS. I would like to be able to inject Timed ID3 metadata into the HLS stream (similar to this for RTMP streams (how-to-convert-ontextdata-events-in-a-live-or-vod-stream-to-timed-events-id3-tags-in-an-apple-hls-stream example). Is this possible?

@Dan_Farrow At this time SRT does not have an option to inject AMF metadata, only RTMP can be used. We do have a feature request for this option, although timeline set yet.

Thanks! I don’t care about AMF so much. If there is a metadata format for SRT, could I use that.

@Dan_Farrow Within the feature request it will be investigated If there is other options available for SRT metadata injection.