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Server locked

This is my monday good news…

Anyone can help me? This is the result with every wowza streaming cloud i choose…

Do you get that message on your own website? Wowza Cloud is on and for CDN they use Fastly or Akamai.

This is the response when i open the m3u8 url via browser. The wowza player cannot stream the audio/video on my website and on cloud console also because this is a security error and it doesn’t works. Today i had this issue on more the 50 users in italy with different platform and browsers

I would contact, and also maybe review your settings in the Wowza Cloud portal, because it should be possible to set up distribution via Fastly or Akamai from Wowza Cloud, and that may give you a different playback URL.

it would be great beacause today i had a big trouble. I tried also creating streaming on every site you have but every site gave me the same m3u8 base domain

But replacing the distribution method can I still use the wowza player to embed in my page or do I have to use another player? How can I be sure that the m3u8 source from the new distributor no longer passes through

Please review @DOT_Tech_S.r.l

Identified - We have identified an issue with playback via Fastly stream targets within Italy. At this time, we are investigating steps required to restore Fastly CDN access in this region. For now, a workaround will be required to provide your viewers playback.

The current workaround is to add a Wowza CDN Akamai stream target to your existing transcoder(s). Note: this new Akamai stream target will not work within your existing Wowza Cloud provided player embed code. You will need to self-host a 3rd party player to playback the new Akamai HLS URL. Example player options are TheoPlayer, VideoJS, and JW Player to name a few.

This article provides you steps on adding a Wowza CDN Akamai stream target:

If you have additional questions on how to implement this workaround, please contact Wowza Support for guidance:

See status alert here and be sure to subscribe!

UPDATE: The issue with stream playback in Italy has been fully resolved. No further workaround is required.