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Server setup suggestion: 500 concurrent users, intranet streaming.

I have been assessing Wowza Media Server for the past few days and so far been pleased with its features, supported platforms and ease of use. And we’re considering it for our webcasting needs. So I would like to request recommendation on how to build the optimal machine. I looked at the minimum hardware specification listed on this page : and would like a more detailed suggestion on building the machine specific to our webcasting needs. Here’s a brief description of our needs:

We will use Wirecast ( for the webcasting control and have Wowza Media Server stream it to an intranet (LAN). The minimum number of concurrent users are capped approximately at 500 for the time being with the encoder preset set at either Flash High Bandwidth or Flash HD Bandwidth. Since this whole streaming is on local intranet, I guess this would be a sensible preset which is better in viewing quality.

I’d also like to hear a case study of a similar setup if any, for the intranet broadcasting. Any tips and comment would be appreciated, thank you.

At the low end a single quad core processor with 4-8GB of RAM running 64-bit OS and 64-bit Java VM. At the high end dual quad core processors 8-16GB of RAM, 64-bit OS and 64-bit Java VM. In both cases dual or quad 1GB NICs or a single 10GB NIC.


Dell makes a great 1U server that fits the low end category - the PowerEdge R210 configured with a 3GHz quad-core and 4GB can be had for under $1300. I have 3 of them that I use as encoders with Kulabyte software.