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Servers of 10gb port, limit of conections

Hello i have 6 servers, each server has 10gb port spped and 128gb ram, do u think is possible to use the 60gb completly without problems ?, does wowza has any conection limit for this kind of port? Thanks


Wowza does not have a hard limit for connections and this is based on connectivity and hardware, however Java is limited to 5 Gbps per instance without tuning at the OS level.

Running multiple instances of Wowza on a single server will allow you to use the bandwidth more effectively however you should give a 20% overhead and assume that you’re going to be able to use a maximum of 8 Gbps from each server at the most.

Please see the guide How to run multiple instances of Wowza Media Server on one computer and ensure that all the servers/instances are tuned using the Tuning guide.


2 years ago, we did 8Gbps on a single server with 10GE network. The trick was to tune the ethernet driver and irqbalance. Check

As far as I remember we used Centos 5, dual six core CPU so we had 24 cores. Wowza 2.x version. Tuning Wowza was a mystery, no similar setup described in forum. We needed to increase a linux ulimit which had to be done on more places than just wowza setenv. The big thing was a network driver. We had to compiled the latest intel ethernet driver, the standard provided with linux distro did not balanced irqs very well. Use atop to check this. Install irqbalance service. The hard part was monitoring whether the stream was running smoothly. We haven’t been aware about any Wowza counters that provided this so we monitored RXloss which was pretty accurate. When RXloss occured we stopped redirecting users to that server. I hope this will help.


The 10GE server acted as liverepeater-edge. There were 4 active streams, 99% of viewers were rtmp clients.

Hello, i ve try with 3 instances but it only consumee a maximum of 3 gb of the port speed of 10gb, what else do u think we could do sir , thank you.

hello, could u explain to us how to do it in the right way so we could use at least 8gb of power ?, thanks.

I have the same problem, But I found the problem in the UDP protocol. I tested with iperf and the max transference for UDP is 3.18 Gbits . Do you know how increase this limit?