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set published streaming by another client

Hi, I don’t know if I being clear.

I would like to know if is possible set a published live stream (FMLE) to an another client (Flash Player) control. Flash Player client turns owner those live streaming (FLME published).

When fmle_stream.getClient() return flash_player IClient.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi there.

It is not clear what it is you are asking here. Can you please try to rephrase your question or explain what you are trying to do?

Thank you.


Great, I am glad to hear you got this sorted and thank you for the update.


Hi Salvadore, thanks for you reply.

I’ve solved the case, but for you information, I was looking for a direct way of published IMediaStream from “client X” to be called method “stream_clientX.getClient()” shown another misused IClient.