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setFocusMode doesn't work

I see the camera preview withouts problem and the streming works well.

But the camera autofocus doen’t work.

goCoderCameraView.getCamera().hasCapability(WZCamera.FOCUS_MODE_CONTINUOUS) --> Returns true!
WZCamera camara = goCoderCameraView.getCamera();

camara.getFocusMode(); --> returns 4 (off)
camara.getFocusMode(); --> still returns 4 (off)<br>

How can I enable focus ?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, I can use the facebook account. I have a clean master to protect my phone or Facebook account. And in this, I am posting many types of images. I also use the email account which is very best for me. If I want any help about the Email then I go to the link which provides the best support.

Thanks to Jason Tuchler.

I have follow his advice.

And following this example I have been able to enable auto focus.