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Setting up a transcoder/receiver

We have a few webcasts coming up where the client has a large number of users inside their network. They do not want all of them to connect to the CDN so I want to setup my server inside their network to pull in the video from the CDN and rebroadcast it.

I need help:

configuring this function (best practices - can we use multicast?)

Creating a video page on the server (template) for the local users to view

Step by step instructions on how to change it for the next client

We’re running latest demo of Wowza on a 2008 R2 server


contact - or through this forum

Hello Todd,

I’ve experience with the exact situation as you describe it and I can help you with configuration of the server to supply the required functionality. I’ll send you an email shortly.

Kind Regards

Karel Boek


Hi todd,

you can make this in several ways:

  • configuring each channel live to be an edge publishing point

  • using avconv or ffmpeg to restreaming the live inside your server

  • creating an application that in the server side pick up the stream from remote server and re-broadcast to you

can you give me more information ?

we can make a configuration to make some tests.