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Setting up your own IPTV.


So I would really like to setup/create my own IPTV. And I have a few questions, maybe someone can help?

  1. About the relay.

How are video streams relayed in online TV?

What technologies are used nowadays?

What are the benefits or disadvantages of satellite usage as the video source? Is it possible to retransmit video from NOT satellite without any lag or network bandwidth overusage?

  1. How does the server interact with the TV video stream relay (or video mediator)?

  2. Is it better (if possible) to deal directly with the channel which we want to transmit or it`s slightly easier to work with the mediator? What are requirements for work with the channel directly, with the mediator?

  3. What do TV providers offer? What are the prices for the relay and how is it accumulated?

  4. Is it affordable to use own CDN from the very beginning or it`s better to use existing CDNs? Is it really needed at all?


A lot of this this is outside of the information provided by Wowza,

What you have described is a lot of Integration and each client situation will be different.

For us to answer the questions in detail would take a long time due to the research needed and this should really be done by you.



  1. There are different technologies for different devices. See the Quickstart Guide for an overview. The combination of features had with Wowza ensures you will be able to stream to just about any popular device on the market.

  2. It depends on your bandwidth. You can stream to ~1500 clients at a modest bitrate with a Dual Core server and 1Gbps Internet connection. If you expect your usage to vary and you want a scalable solution you’ll want to look in to Wowza with Amazon EC2, or a commercial CDN.

Not sure about the rest of the questions.