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Setup AES Encryption Wowza streaming to Roku


How would it be possible to encrypt Wowza HLS stream when the direct link to the media file is from and XML file that Roku loads?

Has anyone able to setup AES 128 on Wowza working with Roku?

Is it multi-bitrate stream with smil file? If so, each stream has to be AES encrypted separately. There is nothing different to do with the smil file, it is same as without AES encryption


If you are using the AES external methods, yes, each is a separate stream and has to be configured following the guide. The smil is consumed by the player for switching purposes, has nothing to with encryption. You can generate one file then make copies, changing the name to stream names you want to encrypt. The same external script can handle many streams with the same key. Again, if you just want to add encryption, you can use the internal method with simple configuration, no key files or external scripts.


Do you mean that each stream in the smil file needs it’s own .key file, and that we can’t create a .key file for the SMIL and have it apply to all streams in the SMIL?