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Setup TV Channel

I am in the process to setup a TV channel. I have been streaming on youtube and facebook for sometime and got use to the process and built up a following. I now want to stream on IPTV and also on my own site. I have seen a few videos of WOWZA and i understand my own website part.

What i want to know is 3 things please.

  1. What equipment do I need so I can take my camera feed, mic and green screen so make a live video feed with my logo and pop up titles using chromakey etc and stream.

  2. What do i need to purchase or subscribe to from WOWZA

  3. How do I take my stream and have it available to IPTV platforms like smart iptv or apple tv etc etc. How do people find my channel. is it a set channel number etc? for example on cable a channel is 123 - is it the same with IPTV? where is my channel stored?

Thanks you guys.

As admin, I can see your email address for this forums account and I’ve already reached out to sales to have them contact you and shared with them what you’re looking to accomplish. :slight_smile:

Hey @David Price, these are all great questions and while Wowza can 100% support this workflow, we’d have a few choices for you as far as product and cost. I see you have posted in Cloud forum, but this may require Wowza Streaming Engine- not sure just yet. It would just depend on a few more variables including bandwidth, your CPU capacity, etc.

I’ll have a sales engineer reach out to you where they can get more info on what you’re trying to build and let you know your technical options to execute this as well as expected costs.

Thanks and wish you a lot of success with this!

Great thanks! how do u i share my contact details