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Sharing AWS Wowza subscription between accounts of same organization

AWS allows marketplace subscriptions to be shared between accounts that belong to the same organziation, but unfortunately I have not been able to do it successfully with the Wowza Streaming Engines subscription.

We have separate accounts for production and dev/testing, both accounts belong to the same organization but eeven though we have followed the AWS docs step by step it does not seem to work.

I was wondering if Wowza blocks that sharing specifically, or on the other hand if anyone has done this with more success than us.

Hi Marc,

I would like to let you know that since you purchased the subscription from AWS and AWS have also given you an option to move to different account and you get failed in the process. So it seems to be like something that you need to check with the AWS side and wowza cant have a control on transferring the subscription which is offered by AWS. I would suggest you reach out to the AWS support team for this issue.

kishore kumar
Senior Technical Support Engineer

Hi Kishore Kumar,

I am also facing the same issue and thank you for your response and guidance regarding the subscription transfer issue with AWS.
I’ll reach out to the AWS support team as per your suggestion to address this matter. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,