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Shifting on-premise installation to a new IP Address

Hi there,
I have been tasked with shifting our on premise wowza server to a new IP range (eventually retiring the old network range)

My question is (as a new user/administrator for Wowza) are there any gotchas that may arise from this re-ip’ing on the server? e.g. are there configuration files that are configured with a hard coded IP address?

many thanks

You can change the IP address of your server without any problems.

The only things that you need to be careful about:

  1. The number of Wowza instances running with your license key.
    The number of simultaneous Wowza instances deployed will be counted and the they will appear on your Wowza monthly invoice.

  2. The Ip address you have bound to you SSL certificate or Streamlock if you use the Wowza SSL cert.

  3. Making sure your firewall won’t block the new IP

  4. Would need to review the Server.xml and the Vhost.xml for any IP’s they may have “hard coded”.