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shoutcast song


i need to inject shoutcast song name information to metadata of hls radio stream (dynamicly)

How can i do that, or which module can i use ?

Hello @ceyhun ceyhun

This module should help with that:

For shoutcast streams, you will need to modify that module, since if you dump out the AMFDataList string of the incoming shoutcast stream, you may see that the metadata string is tagged with “onMetaData”, while the module is testing for “onTextData”.

  1. if(!metaDataStr.equalsIgnoreCase(“onTextData”))break;

Hope this helps.



Hello Jason

I was try this module and modification, but i receive on metatada Title “LAST CHUNK TIME” only.

May be i was incorrect modified or anderstand wrong.

Can you paste here modified codes, i will compile again