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Slow server response when calling from node.js


I’m trying to interface my node.js server with a wowza server using digest authentication and having an issue with response times. I’ve tried using the http-digest-client module and the wowza-control module, but I’ve found that wowza server takes about 16 seconds to response to my requests.

As digest auth goes, I make the request, and approximately 8 seconds later the server responds with the digest headers. After processing the headers and making the second request, the server takes another 8 seconds to respond with a status 302.

I get response times under 200mS using either a browser or my old server (php making requests with HttpGuzzleClient) so I’m pretty sure the server is configured correectly. I imagine there’s a header or something that I need to be setting but I don’t know about.

Anyone experienced this, have any suggestions?


You may want to open a ticket with our Developer Support Team for further help.

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