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Smooth Streaming & Windows Phone 20sec. lag

Hello There.

I’m developing live streaming application on Android, IPhone and Windows Phone.

For Android and Iphone I’ve 5 sec. delay which is ok for now ( RTSP and HLS ).

But for Windows Phone app ( Smooth Streaming ) there is 24 sec. lag… I think It’s possible to have less delay than this.

What can be done to have fast smooth streaming?

I’m using standard configuration with default settings for smooth streaming.

As for streaming software we are using Adobe Flash Media Server Encoder 3.2 for all these platforms.

Thank You for your help!

We do have some MS SMOOTH packetizer properties that you could look at adjusting to see if this helps with lag. Obviously there will be some trade-offs between reducing the lag as much as possible and possibly then introducing a less “smooth” experience.