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SNMP MIBs and Streams monitoring

Hello guys, I am trying to integrate WowzaStreamingEngine into a monitoring tool and I assumed using SNMP would have been a working solution. I am, by the way, experiencing several issues and I am somehow stuck.

Trying to summarize as best as I can:
I have 2 WowzaStreamingEngine versions available, an old 4.7.6 and a fresh 4.8.26, both with SNMP enabled and running correctly with also “streams” added in the “snmpObjectList” property . I have downloaded the MIB files from the public webpage link and checked I could get results through snmpwalk and iReasonMIBBrowser. So far so good.

Here are the problems I have:

Let’s start with 1 configured stream file correctly joined and working in the “live” application. When I do a walk in the “streams” branch “.” the system returns several entries from xxx. to xxx. which is nice BUT some lines have shifted values meaning, for example, that labels from xxx. to xxx. (that is the part I need to monitor) have their related values in the range that goest from .39 to .43.

For the second problem, still on the “stream” branch of the SNMP, I noticed that as long as a stream is running nicely its OID ends up with a number, say “.”. As soon as the stream has issues, instead of having the same OID reporting a different value, the first is froze, a new stream shows up with an incrementing last point OID number. This last number keeps growing until the stream is reconnected but the first stream OID is never used again and it never gets updated.

I am no expert at SNMP so I wondering if there is a way to reconcile this data that I cannot see.

Also I am wondering if a more up to date MIBs file is available (the one linked on the site is from 2016).

And as a last question to this long post (I apologize for it) I would like to know if Wowza has different ways to monitor the streams status (REST, SOAP, etc.).

Thank you very much for all the help you can spare.

Kind regards,