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SocketTimeout when creating a Livestream using JAVA SDK

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to create a Livestream using the Java SDK I’m constantly receiving a 504 error (Timeoout).

Might you help me with that?


Can try, but it’s difficult in the forums. A support ticket is best for troubleshooting especially when it’s a 504 timeout error. When the stream can’t connect to the server, it can be such a variety of reasons from config error to firewall to a network issue.

Do you have anything else useful to report from the logs perhaps that may give a clue other than the timeout error?

I’ve already created a support ticket.

But I’m trying to find a solution faster than the support.

The problem is not during the streaming. I can’t even configure it. The Rest API call to create an event is returning 504.

Ok, thanks for that info. Let me see what I can find out for you., Be back soon.

I checked with the Cloud team for you @Oliver Sergeant and they say they are not able to reproduce this issue on our end so not sure without running some tests through your ticket 367010. A timeout error can be triggered for reasons such as :

  • the host address is incorrect
  • firewall or network issue
  • lack of bandwidth
  • correct ports not open

Sorry, I couldn’t provide any more useful info here for you.

We would like to take closer look at your configuration and log files and get a better understanding of what is happening and why you are noticing this behavior. Your ticket will be assigned to an engineer who will determine the cause.