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Sometimes Wowza player is not playing video only audio is audible.

Hello i am using wowza and wowza player to play live stream on mobile.

I am able to see video on creator side but sometimes when I join any live stream video is not displaying only audio is audible.

we have testing the same on many device like iphone 11, iphone XR. Most of the time only audio ois audible. Please suggest .

Thanks in advance

Have you played these streams in the Wowza Test Players? What were the results?

Please share more info like the streaming protocol you are using, is this streaming through Cloud or Engine and any errors from the log.

Also be sure to meet the requirements for the both the codecs and mobile operating systems.

Hi @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager,

Thanks for the valuable reply.

We have tested the stream on the Wowza test player and it is working there but when we join the stream on the iPhone device or any other device we are not able to see any video only audio is audible. This is not happening all the time sometimes video also gets played but mostly black screen is displaying.

We are using the HLS streaming protocol and Wowza streaming engine to play the live stream.

Below are the wowza configuration :

Video Enabled = YES

Video Width = 1280

Video Height = 720

Video Frame Rate = 30

Video Keyframe Interval = 4

Video Bitrate = 800000

Front Camera Mirroring = On

Use HLS Playback = Off

HLS Fallback Url: (null)

Audio Enabled = YES

Audio Channels = 2

Audio Sample Rate = 44100

Audio Bitrate = 0

Rotate Video = YES

Rotate Preview = NO

Broadcast Orientation = Same as Device

Broadcast Scale Mode = Aspect Fit

Low bandwidth scaling factor = 0.75

Frame buffer size multiplier = 4

Encoder Skip Frame Count = 4

Background Broadcast Enabled = YES

We are able to get call in “WOWZStatusCallback” and we are getting status “running” still only audio is playing no video is displaying.

Please look into this and suggest what we are missing.

Thank you @nidhi jain, here are a couple documents you can check and i would experiment making some changes to the video bitrate and also to your encoder profile settings (see image).

I don’t know if that video bitrate is kbps or mbps, but if it’s kbps, it’s way too high and if it is mbps, it is way too low.

If you are still experiencing no video, please submit a support ticket and we’ll identify the cause of the problem.

Sometimes audio is not audible. When we restart the streams the audio audible with video. How we can resolve this. We can’t be doing this restart the stream again and again

@Veerakathiyar Pararajasingam

To get a better understanding of your audio issue:

What is your full workflow from end-to-end?

What iPhone devices are you testing with?