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SRT pullig from WSE


I’m using SRT as transport way to overseas.

I have tried to pull an SRT from WSE 4.7.6 with VLC player.

However, VLC player could not pull the SRT stream from the WSE.

When I tried with GStreamer as SRT listener then VLC could pull the SRT stream from GStreamer.

So, would you tell me, how do I pull the SRT stream from WSE?

Best regards,


Hello @Takayuki KAMIYA, have you done this yet? Please let me know if this resolves the issue.

Please refer to this doc as well:

Hello Rose,

Thank you for your information.

I have already tried to push method(StreamTarget feature) from WSE to VLC.

But, it could not resolve this case.

I think WSE needs a function of Listener/Caller switching when we use SRT.

Best regards,